The postpartum period is a crucial and transformative time for both the mother and her newborn. During this period, the mother's body undergoes significant physical and hormonal changes as it recovers from childbirth and adjusts to the demands of breastfeeding or caring for a new baby.

Good nutrition plays a vital role in aiding the mother's recovery and supporting her overall health and well-being. Nutrient-rich foods can help speed up the healing process, replenish stores depleted during pregnancy, and boost energy levels and emotional wellbeing.

Our natural ready-meals made with organic produce sourced from local, sustainable farms offers new mothers a great way to self care during a time when attention is often focused on their newborn.

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Perfect for busy new mum's who want to treat themselves well with the most nutritious, tasty and environmentally friendly ready-meals.

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Luke Hines – TV Host, Author, Trainer, Nutritionist