We're good, done right. 

There’s something incredibly comforting about good food. It’s nourishing, wholesome, and knows how to trigger all the mouth-feels. At Wilding Foods, we knew that to make good food, we had to do it right. Because if we did that, it would make people feel better for eating it – and who doesn’t want that?

Once you get to know us, you’ll see we’re pretty picky when it comes to our ingredients, which is why we only ever deal with small producers who love the land they graze or grow on. We’re talking about only the good stuff: Certified organic, Australian-grown, regeneratively-farmed produce.

Our standards are so high for the food we create, that we’ve become pretty good at saying NO to things – like really good at it.  Every day, we say NO to preservatives GMOs, sweeteners, refined carbs, added sugar, hydrogenated fats, and anything that hurts the planet. By us saying NO to all the nasties, we free you to say YES to our certified organic, ready-made meals.