We say NO to refined carbs

We say NO to refined carbs

When you think ‘refined’ you think of something that’s been developed, improved, or processed to make it more pure. But when we’re talking about refined carbs, you’re actually left with something that’s far from pure.

At Wilding Foods, we say NO to refined carbs because they’ve been stripped of almost all the fibre, vitamins, and minerals. In essence, they’re empty calories.

Now we want you to feel satisfied and full after eating our organic meals, but let this be known right here – it won’t be because our meals are filled with empty calories. We believe that if you’ve made the effort to find us and order from us, then we in return have to make the effort in the food we’re preparing for you. That’s why everything you order from our organic meal delivery service is packed full of nutritional value.

Just so you know what we’re talking about when we say NO to refined carbs, we’re referring to processed sugars like sucrose and high fructose corn syrup, plus refined grains like white flour.

The only thing ‘refined’ about our meals, is the manner in which we carefully select our ingredients.

You might be thinking “but I need to be cutting back on carbs,” but not all carbs are bad for you, especially when they’re in their wholefood form. One example is the mighty sweet potato. It provides powerful resistant starch that’s beneficial to the gut – especially once it’s cooked and cooled. It’s also rich in beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A that’s used for improving eye health.

Many refined carbs also have a high glycemic index because they’re easily and quickly digested by the body. Not only are they less filling to eat, but also more likely to contribute to poor blood sugar control and cravings.

For many food delivery services, having you eat more often is great for business, but not at Wilding Foods. We promise we want you to be eating the right things for the right reasons, and that starts with whole foods because they’re good for you.



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